Dazzling, Talented Bai Ling is Back: Actress Brings Us Up to Date on Being in Las Vegas, Her Projects, More

Recently, actress Bai Ling was here in Las Vegas. The stunning performer, with a diverse acting resume, is always on the go. Originally hailing from China, the pop culture and fashion icon first joined us on CYInterview in 2016 [see here]. And when Bai Ling speaks, she has compelling insights to offer. This is what she shared with us about the world dealing with the coronavirus pandemic:

“During this pandemic it’s kind of difficult, but sometimes no matter how difficult, how stressful, how troubled our world today it is, but still, there’s so much beauty.”

On why she was in Las Vegas, the Anna and the King star told us she was here shooting a movie:

“It’s an action movie. It’s about revenge. A lot of fighting, which I do a lot of fighting there. And my character actually is extremely complex. … She’s a high society woman and CEO dealing with all this, you know, the drug world, the high society world and tangling with all the wealthy men.”

While in the Entertainment Capital of the World, Bai Ling said she wanted to see the world-famous Bellagio Fountains:

“I wanted to see that because I was so stressed, didn’t sleep for a lot I would say while I was in Vegas, I didn’t sleep for three days. But to see that, have that delightfulness, you know, no matter how crazy Vegas is, everybody’s gambling, all of that. I was sitting there watching the water dancing. So soothing, relaxing. That’s part of beauty among all this gambling chaos and people trying to win some money.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview to speak with Bai Ling about a variety of Las Vegas centric topics, as well as her busy movie schedule and more.

You can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

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