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Dan Severn Talks and Drives: Fills us In On What He is Up to; Ways in on Floyd Mayweather Jr. Training MMA; More

As he was driving through America, on his way back to Michigan from Arizona, Dan Severn told us he had driven thousands of miles over the last 30 days. It reminded me of the old professional wrestling territorial days, when talent would share a car and drive around the United States from venue to venue. This trip for the MMA, pro wrestling and amateur wrestling legend, however, was a solo one.

This past Sunday evening, as he was driving through Oklahoma, we had a chance to catch up with Dan Severn. We last spoke with him when he was part of the Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor boxing panel [see here]. Dan offered his thoughts on the recent news that Floyd had started training in MMA for a possible cage fight.

Speaking of Mixed Martial Arts, we got into a discussion with the UFC Hall of Famer about whether the UFC brand has become diluted, with too many shows and too many fighters, many of whom are relatively unknown.

This week is WrestleMania and Dan Severn will be in Louisiana to partake in the big week of pro wrestling gatherings leading up to the event. He is working for some other companies and promotions that will have events near the WWE happenings. As a former two time NWA World Champion, he is certainly no stranger to the squared circle. His background in both amateur wrestling and pro wrestling, we believe, makes him a great candidate for the WWE Hall of Fame. You can listen to our past chat about that [here].

Additionally, Dan tells us what he has been up to lately.

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