CYInterview Regular, Esteemed Psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig: Talks Demi Moore’s Challenges, Seal and Heidi Klum’s Marital Doom and Jay Bildstein’s Take on Success and Emotional Stability

With Demi Moore and couple Seal and Heidi Klum going through reportedly challenging times, we thought it would be a good idea to bring back CYInterview regular, psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig to share her views and analysis of what’s taking place with these celebrities.

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There have been recent media reports about Demi Moore experiencing some personal struggles following her much publicized split from Ashton Kutcher. Dr. Ludwig gives us her analysis on how relationships breaking up can lead to other problems:

“It’s sad to see someone struggling and being in so much pain that they really need to be hospitalized in order to take care of themselves…Part of what contributes to us feeling good about ourselves and feeling happy with our lives is based on the quality of our relationships and how loved we feel within those relationships. So when there’s a disruption and somebody that we love or are invested in rejects us or that relationship breaks down, it’s tremendously disorienting and some cases it confirms our worst fears about ourselves that we truly are unlovable.

And then for women as they get older added on top of that when a relationship doesn’t work out, they start to worry about their age and how their age will impact their lovability. I don’t think it’s quite the same as for men. I’m sure men have their own issues that are somewhat similar, but for women there’s a feeling like after a certain age there’s a concern about having an expiration date. It almost doesn’t matter how beautiful they keep themselves. I think that is an underlining fear many women have post separation or divorce after a certain age.”

This past Friday, singer Seal went on Piers Morgan Tonight to discuss his new album. Additionally, he answered some questions about his personal life and reported pending divorce from Heidi Klum. Dr. Ludwig believes Seal did not reveal anything insightful about his marriage in the interview. Some people might find it awkward that an individual wouldn’t cancel a major interview so close to his personal challenges having been spotlighted in the media. Some might think he would want to avoid public forums. I asked Robi her thoughts and if this was his way of coping:

“I don’t know if this was his way of coping. He also has an album out to promote so he may have just felt this was as good a way as any to promote his album. When you listen to the Piers Morgan interview as I did, he didn’t reveal anything. In fact, it was a little bit frustrating to hear Seal talk about how wonderful Heidi was, how they got you know married every year, every five minutes. She’s the best person on the planet and yet they’re getting divorced. There was no insight. There was no reason provided. So I don’t think he was using this as a medium to process what, why this happened.”

Finally, featured columnist Jay Bildstein recently penned a column [see here] about the importance of having emotional stability in your life in order to be successful. Dr. Ludwig reacts to the topic of Jay’s article and ties it in with the other topics discussed in this CYInterview:

“I certainly think there’s some truth to that. If you are focusing on your mental health, the hope is you can take care of yourself better that you won’t have to act as self destructively, that you can make choices that are better and if you’re not taking care of your mental health, certainly it can increase the chance of repeating certain negative patterns that don’t work well for us. I mean, treating ourselves well is a constant battle anyway…And Seal had a very difficult childhood and background as did Demi Moore. And I think it just shows that fame and success does not necessarily help a person navigate their personal lives successfully.”

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