CYInterview Regular, Dr. Robi Ludwig, Speaks on Presidential Aspirant Herman Cain, Comments on Pending K-Dash Divorce

Go back 30 years and the news cycle was driven by daily newspapers and evening news broadcasts on television. 20 years ago, the speed of that cycle had sped up owing to the increasing prominence of cable news. Ten years ago, things got faster still with the emerging dominance of Internet disseminated news. Just a few years ago, the social web sped things up even more.

And here we are today, in a world of information overload. This overload is delivered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sometimes the information we encounter is on the mark. At other times, the reporting of news stories is dreadfully inaccurate.

Too much of what passes for news today is poorly vetted. Sure, lots of times the news is correct. But what of the times it is not? And what of the fact that people are quick to form opinions based on news and slow to change them once they have adopted a certain point of view. For an excellent commentary on the state of news reporting, see featured columnist Jay Bildstein’s latest column [see here].

Presidential aspirant Herman Cain, a past guest here on CYInterview, has, over the last two weeks, faced allegations of sexual harassment. These allegations have been widely reported by the media. Over roughly the same period of time, the entertainment press has focused on the reported impending dissolution of Kim Kardashian’s marriage.

For some sober, somber and serious reflections about these two stories, we have brought back CYInterview regular, the highly regarded Dr. Robi Ludwig, to give us her insights. It is important to note that Robi commented on Herman Cain prior to the press conference held by Sharon Bialek. As a side note, Ms. Bialek’s attorney was none other than CYInterview regular and prominent legal powerhouse, attorney Gloria Allred [see last interview here].

You can read excerpts or listen to the entire CYInterview below:

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First Robi comments on the Herman Cain situation:

“It seems like something wasn’t handled right, right. That he should’ve been able to manage this scenario a lot better than he did and perhaps this is his lack of political expertise or a lack of awareness, how cutthroat the political scene can be. It sounds like he’s certainly in new territory…Is the American public really going to eliminate someone based on that. Is that really an indicator of whether a person, a potential candidate can do the job. You know, I mean, that’s one question.

I think when we have such politically difficult times, the economy’s not growing, the unemployment isn’t getting any better, the housing market isn’t doing well, there’s a lot of negative feelings about Wall Street. I don’t know that people are going to eliminate somebody just based on whether there’s alleged sexual harassment.”

Dr. Ludwig had this to add, when we contacted her after her CYInterview, in reference to Sharon Bialek who held a press conference and made some media rounds after we spoke with Robi:

“The way Herman Cain has handled these allegations is going to be worse for him in the long run. If we can put a face to these allegations, of course that will have some kind of impact on his campaign.”

Recently, it was reported that Kim Kardashian had filed for divorce after a few months of marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries. Dr. Ludwig lays out the possibilities as to why Ms. Kardashian didn’t try to make it work. Conspiracy theories have floated through the media, as well as online comments and discussions, that the entire marriage was a shame. Robi weighs in:

“One wonders how she even went into the marriage. Did she go into the marriage really thinking that this was something that could last or was it publicity. You know, was there pressure on her to get married…People don’t give up on a marriage that quickly unless they feel pretty early on either they went into it for the wrong reasons or there’s no way in hell the marriage is going to last so they get out as soon as they can. I remember just looking at the two of them thinking, ‘Really?’

I don’t know that I ever bought that this was the man of her dreams. It was hard to buy that marriage…It would be a shame if the only reason she got married was to have an extra TV special. I mean, that would be really disappointing. I think ultimately if that’s what people think, her career is gonna be on the downslide. People don’t like when you make a mockery out of marriage.”

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