CYInterview Panel on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we at CYInterview bring you a panel discussion on this challenge to the world. On our panel are Jonathan Alter, Cliston Brown and Jay Bildstein.

Mr. Alter is a New York Times bestselling author. He was for 28 years a senior editor and columnist for Newsweek and he currently is a commentator for MSNBC.

Mr. Brown is a former congressional staffer who is now a political commentator and prognosticator. He has previously written for the New York Observer and the California Globe.

Mr. Bildstein is CYInterview’s featured columnist.

Rather than attempt to take excerpts of this discussion and provide them for you here, we ask that you listen to this CYInterview in its entirety. That way, you will be able to appreciate the context of the points made.

Panel discussions are like think tanks. The goal is to have great minds come together so that a synthesis of ideas might lead to workable solutions for vexing challenges.

The world currently faces such a challenge.

Please listen.

Listen to the entire CYInterview panel below:

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