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CYInterview in the News: Chris Yandek and Jay Bildstein on WDUN Morning Show with Bill and Joel; Talk Leadership, the Debt, the Deficit and the Plan to Fix Things

This morning CYInterview’s Chris Yandek and Jay Bildstein had the pleasure of joining the Bill and Joel Morning Show on WDUN out of Gainesville, Georgia.

Chris and Jay spoke about their recent CYInterview with former United States Comptroller General David Walker, which was covered last week on ABC News [see here] and [see here]. Jay put forward his plan to get our leaders in Washington to lead by example, so that America can effectively deal with its fiscal challenges.

Over the last year, Chris and Jay have spoken to a variety of prominent individuals about Jay’s proposals. You can listen to those conversations in the CYInterview politics section here.

*A Note from Chris and Jay – We extend many thanks and much appreciation to Bill and Joel of the WDUN Morning Show, for having us on. We thank the fine people of Northern Georgia for allowing us the opportunity to share our thoughts on these important matters.

You can hear the entire appearance below:

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You can find more information about WDUN and their morning show here.

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Chris and Jay are available for interviews to comment on anything featured on CYInterview.