CYInterview Friend, Head Football Coach Mike Leach of Mississippi State Joins Us to Discuss this Season, His Travels, More

This week is Southeastern Conference Football Media Day. To some, it is the official kickoff of the college football season. All of the leagues 14 coaches meet with the press and take questions about their team’s upcoming season.

As head coach of Mississippi State, Mike Leach is now on one of the biggest media platforms in college sports. Ahead of his SEC Media Day appearance, he joined us to discuss numerous topics.

The longtime CYInterview guest, who has been appearing with us since 2011, spoke with us recently from Key West, Florida. The photograph above shows us with Coach Leach, in Key West in 2013.

Mike was out for a bike ride when we spoke with him. During the offseason, the NY Times bestselling author likes to travel to the many parts of the globe. He has already traveled to Dubai and Tanzania this year. On what he learned while he was abroad, Coach shared this:

“I learned, and well a lot of it, just kind of checking stuff off the bucket list. To see as many, as much of it as you can and some of it is kind of comparable with your impression and some of it’s quite different. I would say for the most, well, no, there’s always surprises. No matter what, there’s always surprises. And you know, but yeah, I liked Africa a lot. I thought the people were incredibly friendly. I thought that, you know, the, just the, well just seeing something like all those incredible animals in their natural habitat is just off the chart.”

Due to Covid-19, the Mississippi State head football coach said his first year at the SEC school was joyless in many ways, but he did expect the first year in Starkville to be a work in progress. On what he is most looking forward to from season two, he said this:

“Most looking forward to how much, you know, our guys will’ve improved and blend together as a team. Most worried about that, really that,‘cause we’re still a very young team that we can quickly evaluate quickly, assess, you know who’s doing what and who’s developing and who’s improving because it will all be moving targets and you know, the quicker you identify it, the quicker you can utilize it as a resource. So just, we’re really vigilant as far as identifying where a guy’s at, what he can do and reaching him the best way that we can to coach him so that they can, you know, really elevate their talents.”

Speaking of his longtime friend, actor Matthew McConaughey and whether he should run to be Governor of Texas, Coach Leach said he would be excited to see Matthew seek political office if that is what he wanted:

“That’s up to him. That’s really up to him and then they end up to the people. He said something pretty smart, which, you know, the people kind of decide that. … If it’s exciting for him to. I mean, if he’s got something to say and he’s got a vision and that type of thing and it’s exciting for him and he fully embraced it, it would. You know, I don’t know that’s gonna happen.”

Being a longtime resident of Key West, Mike Leach says he has never met music star Jimmy Buffet, who has many ties to the area:

“I honestly, I know people all around him, really seen and met him a number of times. I’ve never met him one time. … It’s almost impossible I haven’t met him. Never met him.”

Coach Leach further discusses movies, TV shows and more about the upcoming college football season. You can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

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