Cory Rooney with Michael Jackson’s Top 10 Interviews of 2009

A lot of great talents came through the doors in 2009 at, but there was one obvious interview that ended up number one. Read more to find out who made the list.

Honorable Mention: A new tradition for is to give someone recognition for their contributions to this outlet. Shontelle Layne is the first to be recognized as’s honorable mention of the year. This year Shontelle opened for arguably the biggest female star going today, Beyonce Knowles, in her over the summer tour and performed at halftime of the NFL Thanksgiving Day game festivities for the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions game. Besides that, Ms. Layne is currently working on her latest album to be released in 2010. She has always been available for an interview when needed and is a fan and supporter of

10. Alexandra Taveras: Her voice is on the level of other famous singers that you probably know a little bit more about. Alexandra Taveras is a veteran musician and artist that’s been around for quite a while. Many will be looking forward to seeing what she does with her upcoming album.

9. Kenny Mayne: Kenny Mayne took us on a journey and showed us a side of him we rarely see. He showed us what matters in his life and how he got to where he is today. More importantly, NFL great Randall Cunningham backed up Kenny Mayne. Another Dancing with the Stars contestant that has made a career off his interesting sense of humor. He is one of ESPN’s best.

8 Mel B: It wouldn’t be a top 10 list without having a Spice Girl in it. Mel B shared her reflections on the importance of good health and how she has an amazing body today after having a few kids. A Dancing with the Stars runner up, Melanie was nice enough to talk about her wedding in Egypt and other personal topics.

7 Kelly Rowland: She came by to talk exclusively about all the rumors in her life from changing her professional representation to the rumors about her Miami home being in foreclosure. She spoke candidly, full of honesty and wasn’t scared to tell the world that she needed a change when she departed from management under Matthew Knowles. Besides that, there was more than enough discussion on Beyonce and Destiny’s Child, her personal life and other things to make it one of the most complete interviews ofmy career.

6 Mary Wilson: She still enjoys what she does after a career spanning numerous decades and being in her 60s. Still entertaining crowds around the world and making a cultural impact, Mary Wilson dreams of a reunion of the legendary female group The Supremes with Diana Ross. For all that has been said over the years about Ross and Wilson being in a feud, Wilson told us that has faded and her and Ross still love each other very much.

5 Steve Wozniak: Even with his historical contributions to society with the personal computer, technology and Apple Computers Steve Wozniak showed us a man who got so much joy and happiness when he competed on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. It truly was a life changing event for the Woz when many wondered why he was doing it in the first place. Either way, Wozniak showed us how important it is to go outside your comfort zone and try something new.

4 Kathleen Turner: Veteran actress Kathleen Turner shared with us her on going battle with rheumatoid arthritis and reflected on many important things in her life. She gave us a view into the experiences of a veteran actress and emphasized the importance of looking back on life to see what really matters.

3 Mya: The fall was Mya’s season. Every Monday and Tuesday evening, fans of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars tuned in to see R&B singer dance so elegantly, beautifully and give so many joy through how great a dancer she became. Mya started her Dancing with the Stars journey right here at speaking to us after her first dance rehearsal. You could feel the nerves from her at the start of the whole process, but by the end of the show, Mya overcame her nerves and became of one dancing’s most memorable stars.

2 Anika Noni Rose: Anika can do it all in the world of entertainment on stage, in film, on television and can sing as well as she does voiceovers. Her last role as Disney’s first black princess in The Princess and The Frog topped off a year that Rose hopes will continue to only get better going in 2010. There are not many who can do it all like Anika.

1 Cory Rooney and Chris Apostle: From Europe to Asia and South America, Cory Rooney and Chris Apostle made their one hour conversation about Michael Jackson and the music industry the most listened and viewed interview of my entire career. Still to this today people in numerous languages and around the world are talking about this interview that has impacted thousands of Michael Jackson’s fans.