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CYInterview Back on The Josh Tolley Show, on the Genesis Communications Network: Unfairness of the Presidential Debates Discussed; Our Interview with Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson and Attorney Gloria Allred Reviewed; More

It is great fun when Jay Bildstein and I appear on Josh Tolley’s radio program. Josh’s show, on the Genesis Communications Network, is a great place for America’s independent voices to be heard. You might recall that back in July [see here], we appeared on his program to discuss the need for strong third parties on the American political scene, as well as other pertinent topics.

We were fortunate enough to appear on Josh’s program again last week, to talk about the inherent unfairness of the presidential debates, in terms of the arbitrary yardstick used to keep non-Democrat/Republican candidates – who have a bona fide opportunity of winning the presidency – from taking part in that series of national conversations.

We also discussed our recent CYInterview segment with Libertarian Candidate for President, former two term Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson and prominent attorney and voice for fairness Gloria Allred [see here], among other things. You can listen to the segment below. We thank Josh for the substantive and interesting conversation that we had and look forward to having him on CYInterview in the future.

Listen to the entire Josh Tolley Radio Appearance:

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