Create, Why Wait? a Poem

Fistfuls of arugula, hoping to improve circulation and such. Walking and resting and walking again, a tonic for the heart they say. Day in, day out, the need to eat, at times tedious. The play of life, repeated like a Broadway show, one after another. No special matinee performances, though. Just this and that, over and over and over again.

Looking for a secret solution to every challenge, instead of looking to ourselves and our behavior. Sure, sometimes we need help. Yes, it’s true. But what about helping ourselves as well. When the water rises and you are in a swell, swim! Do not simply wait for the lifeguard. Do what you can do. We have to keep telling ourselves that. Do what you can do.

Arrival. An imaginary destination that never existed. The path, the journey, the act of travel is what it is all about. Ask Mr. Cervantes. It is about flow. Creative flux moving forward, stopping time and forgetting place. The ideal cure for entropy, atrophy and apathy. Of these I sing. Don’t wing it. Plan it. Make it happen and you will be happy for the effort.

Daily madness of underdoing and over expecting. A trip to Mars is not going to take place eating potato chips on the couch. Except if we use our imagination to fuel our not too far into the future action. Okay, we imagined it. We have seen it in our mind. We have made a plan. It is not perfect, but remember that perfect is the enemy of good enough. Time to get off the couch.

Ouch! The fear of failure hurts. The fear of success hurts. Just about everything hurts that tests our status quo. That is why it is easy for us to be perpetually “no go.” Yet be “no go” long enough and your life is gone. No song. No many moments of small soul affirming triumph on a long positive path to another long positive path. Do you grasp?

All of us have the stuff if we are willing to admit it. All of us can walk the walk if we are willing to stand. All of us can choose the path of enlightenment. In so doing we give our fellow humans a hand. The life best lived is the life of creation. And creation calls for movement. Get in the grove. The sands of life drizzle out of the glass too soon. I say this to me and I say this to you. Get moving!

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