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Country/Western Meets Burlesque in Sexy, Fun Show, X Country at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino

Cowboys and cowgirls are a part of Las Vegas history. Think Vegas Vic and Vegas Vickie, two of the most famous neon signs in the city, paying tribute to the Western lifestyle. If you are looking for something Western/Country themed, sexy and entertaining while in the Entertainment Capital of the World, look no further than the show X Country at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino.

The topless revue featuring five women is a fun time. The show is produced by Stabile Productions Inc., who also puts on the Vegas shows X Burlesque [see CYInterview here] and X Rocks [see CYInterview here]. As the women of X Country told me during our CYInterview, after the show, this past Saturday evening, they have a good time while doing the show. There is no drama and they all are friends. You can feel the love. Two of the performers are originally from Las Vegas and had dreams of performing on the Las Vegas Strip. See my photo with the cast above.

The show is full of athleticism, great choreography and a comedian, John Bizarre, who gets the crowd laughing in the middle of the show. Of course, there is also some good country music. But even if country tunes are not your thing, you still may very well enjoy X Country, as these sexy women know how to entertain a crowd.

To hear about the backgrounds of the show’s performers, how they ended up in the show and what they do to stay in shape, among other topics, you can listen our entire CYInterview, with the cast of X Country, below:

Listen to the entire CYInterview with the Cast of X Country:

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You can learn more information about X Country at Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino and purchase tickets clicking here.

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