Trolls World Tour Video on Demand

Coronavirus Entertainment Solutions: Movie Viewing Public Still Wants Their Fix; Certain Platforms Offer New Films, Fulfilling Demand – Is this Hollywood’s Future?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, movie theaters nationwide are closed. People, however, still have an interest in new movies.

On April 10th, the animated movie Trolls World Tour was released on VOD [Video on Demand.] In 19 days, according to Hollywood industry news website Deadline, the movie has pulled in nearly $100 million dollars.

VOD is a rental streaming service, where you can rent a movie to watch in your home. For example, you can rent Trolls World Tour for $19.99 from a variety of streaming services including Amazon Prime Video. It will be interesting to see what other upcoming movies are slated for VOD in the coming months. This might very well portend a significant component of Hollywood’s future.