Corbin Reid Talks Run the World, Marriage, Las Vegas, More

Actress Corbin Reid is one of Hollywood’s rising stars. Fans of the television show Run the World, airing on the cable channel Starz, will see her back in her role as Sondi for the show’s second season. Season two begins on May 26th.

Run the World is a show about a group of African American women in Harlem, who are lifelong friends. In the series Corbin Reid plays a graduate student, who has ambitions both academically and beyond the classroom.

Before her role on Run the World, some of Ms. Reid’s earlier acting work included roles in the Broadway shows Rent and Sister Act. In television, she starred alongside Academy Award winning actress Viola Davis, in season three of the hit ABC television show How to Get Away with Murder. In film, the actress is known for her role as Ashley in the 2016 film Blair Witch.

Corbin Reid joined us on CYInterview to reflect on her acting career and the upcoming season of Run the World. Additionally, she spoke about her enthusiasm for Las Vegas and what it is like being a newlywed, among other topics.

Last year on New Year’s Eve, Ms. Reid got married in Jamaica to Jason Crockett, a public policy manager. The actress reflected on married life and what her wedding was like:

“We were already, basically married. So, but it’s lovely to like, make it official. … It was really special having it there, like in Jamaica. We did it in Negril. My grandparents are from Jamaica. They grew up in Westmoreland in Clarendon. So, I did grow up going to Jamaica and my grandparents have passed away. They weren’t at the wedding. So, it was just a really nice way for me to feel close to them and one of my grandparents, basically helped raised me. So, it was just, she meant a lot to me. So, it was nice to feel like she was there in spirit and I definitely felt her spirit there. Such a beautiful place.”

Corbin Reid shared with us that her Broadway career readied her for what would come later:

“I also think doing Broadway was an incredible boot camp for me. It gave me an incredible work ethic. Like, I don’t feel like there’s anything that I couldn’t do. You know like, people are like, how do you memorize so fast? I’m like, I’ve done a lot of plays. You know, like I’ve done them and I learned parts quickly.”

Her big break in television came when she starred with Academy Award winner Viola Davis, in season three of How to Get Away with Murder. Ms. Reid said she had a great opportunity to learn from Ms. Davis. This was her biggest takeaway from the Oscar winner:

“You’re never too big to be kind. That honestly was one of the greatest observations I made again. Like, I said, from day one, like you’re never too famous or too big to be kind. And, no matter how famous you get, you’re still gonna have to fight for what you want, no matter how many credits you have.”

On playing the character Sondi on the television series Run the World, the actress shared she had been waiting for a role like this one:

“I’ve been waiting my entire career to play a role like this where I feel like it’s a woman who is, you know, intelligent and vulnerable and strong, but also, like makes a lot of messy mistakes, like, my character is so complex and I also think she’s so relatable and you know, some of the greatest compliments I’ve received or feedback I’ve received, not even compliments, feedback I’ve received from people coming up to me and just being like, ‘You have no idea what it means to feel like I see myself on the screen and I see that in you ladies and I see that in you. It just, it feels so good. So, thank you for representing me and thank you for representing us.’ Like, I’ve never had that, you know. I think I’ve never had people give me that sort of outpouring. So, that’s been really, really lovely as well.”

Actress Andrea Bordeaux played the character of Ella on season one of Run the World. She will not be back for season two. Ms. Reid assured us that season two will flow naturally even though Ms. Bardouex’s character is not returning:

“The first episode is very much dedicated to wrapping everything up. You know, and she is mentioned and dealt with and I think we deal with it I think in a very responsible way and in a way that like will leave people feeling like, ok, like, we can continue to watch these women and we still love these women and like, let’s see, you know, where all this goes. So, I think they did a really good job of wrapping that up in a bow.”

Corbin Reid admitted that she has been a frequent visitor to Las Vegas. She tells us what the Entertainment Capital of the World means to her:

“I love Vegas. I think it’s an awesome opportunity for people to like, get intimate with artists that, you know, you can’t, when you’re in a massive stadium, it doesn’t feel as exciting whereas like in Vegas, you kind of get a little bit closer in a way it feels like. Like, just, when we were up there, that picture you saw, my husband got us tickets to John Legend and we were like right there in this theater and it just felt like you could reach out and touch him and it was an awesome, awesome experience. So, yeah, that’s, I’ve been a frequenter of Vegas and I’ve stayed at The Cosmopolitan and performed there many times.”

Below you can hear more stories from actress Corbin Reid on what it was like to work with Rosie O’Donnell, more tidbits about the upcoming season of Run the World, her passion for interior design and much more.

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