Coming to Las Vegas: The Madness that is … Pool Season!

In a bit less than six weeks, March Madness aka the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament will be upon us. And that means the great city of Las Vegas will not only be the Entertainment Capital of the World, but the college basketball capital of the world as well.

However, that is but a portion of the madness about to beset our fair city. Prior to the Ides of March, pool season here in Las Vegas will kick off. That means fun in the sun, good food, good drinks – you get the picture.

The pool scene in Las Vegas must be experienced to be believed. One great place to live the dream is the Daylight Beach at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Pool Season. March Madness. Premium Resorts. Top shelf eats. Great Shopping. Las Vegas has it all!