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Comedian Kate Quigley – Personable, Sharp, Fun: The Rising Comic Killed at the Laugh Factory at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino; Talks Her Trajectory, the Future, More

Over the last week, comedian on the rise Kate Quigley performed 12 shows at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino’s Laugh Factory on the Las Vegas Strip. She headlined with veteran standup comic Jim Florentine. You can see our photo together above. Seeing her picture and name on the big Tropicana Billboard outside the front of the resort was a huge moment for her. She told us:

“There are moments when I have to stop and go, appreciate this because it’s what you’ve dreamed of doing. And when I walked into the Tropicana this week and I saw the billboard outside with us on it, you know, it’s like you gotta take those moments and go oh, a lot of people never get to this. So even if nothing else ever happens, appreciate this moment and the rest is icing, you know.”

Based on her career trajectory, it looks like more is coming for Kate Quigley. She is continuing to pop up in comedy rooms across the country and just recently shared billing with standup legend Andrew Dice Clay for a set of shows in Connecticut. There are even some YouTube videos of the two which you can find on her channel. Kate seems to be one TV show or movie role away from being the next big breakout comedy star. The Ohioan does admit however, that she fears having success as big as someone like a Chelsea Handler or Joan Rivers:

“I do feel like every time I get really close, I get a little nervous. You know, it’s scary because I’m right at this point where it’s like the next step is something big, shooting a special or selling my own show and with that comes a lot more critics. And I’m very sensitive. Like despite how I come off online and stuff, I mean, I don’t do roasts, battles or you know, roasts on TV because I don’t like to be mean. So I take stuff kind of personal when I shouldn’t sometimes and I don’t mean Internet trolls, strangers, but I mean like, respect within the comedy community. And so I worry sometimes about taking that next step and happy to deal with what comes with it. But then the flip side of that is this whole business is scary. You gotta go balls out or go home.”

By working with adult media platforms such as Playboy and hosting the AVN Awards, Kate has gained a following from the adult entertainment community. Ms. Quigley says she is appreciative of all her fans:

“I never felt like a hot chick. And then when I got the job on Playboy TV and the AVN Awards, it kind of pushed me into yeah, that adult entertainment audience. But it’s weird for me because despite again how I kind of come off, I’m not, I was never like a freak. I was never like promiscuous. I never wanted to be naked on camera. So, it’s been cool. I’m fortunate. … People go like, I don’t how you deal with all of these pervy comments on your Instagram. I’m like, are you kidding? Like a fan’s a fan. I don’t give a sh**. Like I’m happy. I’m thankful and you know, as long as you don’t put me in the trunk of your car, I like you.”

In her standup act, Kate talks about being a divorcee with breast implants. The comic says she is currently single. By looking at her social media, you will see there are guys who make comments about wanting to take her out or be her boyfriend. She has this one piece of advice for guys who send her messages if they want to have the chance to date her:

“I’ll give one tip, which is when you DM me, because guys DM me, if you say something about my personality, it goes a lot farther than if you DM me and say like you’re so hot. I don’t even respond to those.”

To hear our entire conversation with comedian Kate Quigley at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, you can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire Kate Quigley CYInterview:

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