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College Football, Olympic Betting, $10 Million + Win at Wynn Slots, Wynn Mobile App: Odds Titan, Wynn Las Vegas Sportsbook Manager John Avello Gives Breakdowns and Background

The 2016 Olympics wrapped up a few weeks ago. Now, Labor Day weekend is here. That means it is the start of the college football season. Many people will spend their time watching games nonstop, until the last one on Monday evening.

Who are the NCAA teams people are betting on to win the national title? Will there be more betting action than a normal college football week 1, in Las Vegas this weekend? For the first time in more than two decades, people were able to bet on the Olympics. How much interest did sports gamblers have in the Rio Games? Additionally, someone won 10.7 million dollars on a slot machine at the Wynn Las Vegas recently. How significant was that?

To answer all those questions and more, we welcome back Wynn Las Vegas sportsbook manager and CYInterview regular John Avello to provide us his always interesting sports gambling analysis direct from the Las Vegas Strip.

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John Avello agrees this is the best week one of college football he has ever seen, when it comes to quality games. He expects there will be more people betting the games because of the matchups:

“As we end the weekend, we get into some of the better games of the weekend and Notre Dame always draws a crowd also, so, big name teams playing on Sunday and Monday. So I do expect to see more than I have seen.”

When it comes to who people are betting on to win the national title in college football this year, the head Wynn oddsmaker said this:

“I have [action on Alabama], but I also have money on a lot of other high prospects. You know, on the Florida States, the Clemsons, some outsiders like Iowa, they’re also been grabbing some money. You know, as well as the Ohio State team who’s always in the hunt for it. So we’ve got the money spread out.”

For the first time in more than 20 years, people in Las Vegas were able to bet on the Olympics. On how that action impacted the sportsbook at Wynn Las Vegas, Avello said this:

“I wouldn’t say it was profitable. I would say it filled some gaps for us. It’s nice to have some other things to show in August besides just baseball and preseason football, which has some interest. So it was a nice filler for us. The soccer and the basketball probably drew the biggest action because those are the sports that the people are more familiar with.”

A few weeks ago, it was reported a woman from Hawaii won over 10 million dollars on a slot machine at Wynn Las Vegas. Being a veteran of the casino industry, John had this to say about the big jackpot:

“It just goes to show you that there are big winners here in town, changing lives type of winners I think. ‘Cause I think that could do it for someone. And it’s nice to have it at the hotel and I’m happy for the people that won it. And people that are looking forward to finding that pot of gold, you have to play if you want to win.”

Back in February, the sportsbook at Wynn Las Vegas debuted the Wynn Mobile App. It gives sports gamblers the opportunity to bet on games from their cell phone. John revealed to us that in a few weeks, players will now be able to bet on horse racing action on their phones while in the State of Nevada:

“We have about 700 customers and growing. We will be introducing horse racing on that app in two weeks. So you’ll be able to bet both horse racing and sports from anywhere within the state of Nevada.”

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