Ocean's 13 Movie Cards, Ocean's 13 Movie Playing Cards

Collectors Maintain a Market for Las Vegas Memorabilia

Above is a picture of promotional playing cards for the 2007 film Ocean’s 13. It is the third picture in the Ocean’s franchise. The movie is set in Las Vegas.

Most of Ocean’s 13 was shot in a casino set at the Warner Bros. sound stages. Filming that took place in Las Vegas included scenes at McCarran International Airport, the Bellagio and The Palazzo, which was under construction at the time. Those scenes in Las Vegas included actors Al Pacino, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Andy Garcia.

Fans of Las Vegas might think of Ocean’s 11 before Ocean’s 13, when it comes to famous Las Vegas films. However, both movies are well worth watching, each having a good Las Vegas storyline.

As for the playing cards pictured above, there are people who collect movie memorabilia, including items used during the shooting of a film or promotional materials like the cards. Additionally, there are collectors who focus on Las Vegas Memorabilia, movie or otherwise. There is currently a deck of cards being sold on Ebay. That is where many of these items are bought and sold by collectors and fans.

You can see the slogan for the movie on the top of cards, which is, “Revenge is a Funny Thing.” You can also find that phrase on movie posters for Ocean’s 13. The film was obviously popular, grossing $311 million worldwide.