Cognition and Self-recognition; a Poem

Humble living, long past twelve, wolf and dog and cat and elf. First came the last moment the cosmos began: confusion, chaos, flash and bang. Worthless rhymes for rhyming sake, literary interpretation might yield mistakes.

Hectored upon presenting the case, suffering words imbrued with mace. Self-important prefabbed smudge, opinions seemingly will not budge. More catchy when it’s catchy, better than when it’s not. This is “is” is, that is not.

Seek the essence, dismiss the rest, chocolate sundae is the best. Creamy, whipped, sweet dairy goo, I like vanilla, how about you? Non-sequitur thought you sincerely ask? Writing verse is just a blast.

Confined to the oblast in my heart, Siberian winter dark and sharp. In the ice of my weathered marrow, striving to recover from self-made sorrow, continually praying for a better tomorrow.

Eye glue, igloo, I go fast. Freezing warm and failing fast. Zen-like double talk, what does it matter? In my mind it’s but self-soothing blather.

Help me help you, help us once. Your humble author is a dunce. Strive and learn to play the game, or sit on the sidelines and feel insane. Staggered by the weight of pain, making little use of my shrinking brain, has this all just been in vain?

Pop culture content largely a fad, little that’s good, little that’s bad. Distribution and marketing is what drives us mad. Singer in a pub, whose voice is good, artist with work vast and deep, writers who work till they fall asleep, but ah, the marketing curve that’s what’s steep.

From the gables of my garbled pinprick mind, in times of strife I’m left behind, by my resolve to ignore the fleeting of time.

And so my friends, here is the lesson; it is our own lives in which we make a mess in. The reality is out, we are human it’s true, and so am I and me and you. So obliterate the doubt and sureness. Extinguish the want and worldliness. Exonerate your need for recognition, then fall on your knees and pray, allowing goodness to guide you on your way.

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