Chrystee Pharris Talks: Monogamy, Directing, Staying Relevant, More

With an acting career spanning 25 years and an IMDB resume with 60 acting credits to her name, actress Chrystee Pharris has continued to thrive in an ever-changing entertainment industry. Chrystee joined us on CYInterview, to talk about her acting career and her recent directorial debut.

This is the actor/director’s advice on staying relevant in Hollywood:

“What I think is very interesting and what you have to learn in this business is that it does go up and down and so you have to find multiple streams of income. Specifically, if you want to be in this particular business, you have to learn other things, other than just acting. And once I figured that out, my life has just been full and it continues to keep growing and I make a living from being in the entertainment industry.”

Ms. Pharris currently stars in the series Monogamy, which you can watch on Amazon Prime Video and Allblk.TV. It has run for three seasons, so far. Giving us an overview of the show, she shared this:

“It’s about four couples who decide to do a spousal swap in order to try to correct their own relationship. So, then the question is, you know, do you stick with your own relationship or do you jump into this new relationship.”

Earlier in her show business career, the actress was a series regular on the NBC soap opera Passions, playing the character of Simone Russell.

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