Christina Ellis of Ellis Island Hotel, Casino & Brewery, Las Vegas, Speaks with Us

Heading a bit east of the Las Vegas Strip, you will arrive at one of the city’s jewels. Ellis Island Hotel, Casino & Brewery has been serving customers for over 50 years. It started out as a local bar in the 1960s. Today, the resort is known for its affordable food, gaming and a hands-on customer experience reminiscent of an earlier Las Vegas era.

One of Ellis Island’s signature offerings is a $9.99 10-ounce top sirloin steak special. During the holiday season, the resort brings out its own homemade eggnog. On the gaming front, there is low stakes gambling, including five-dollar blackjack.

The resort is unique because it is a family-owned establishment, spanning multiple generations. Ellis Island is owned by Gary Ellis. His daughter, Christina Ellis, is the resort’s Vice President of Development. The resort was founded by his father Frank Ellis, in 1968.

Christina joined us on CYInterview to talk about the hotel and casino. This is how she described her family’s property:

“We are just a block off the Strip and definitely a value driven and also, you know, really old Vegas style driven casino, just off the Strip. So, as you mentioned, we offer great quality, great value on drinks and food.

We have our Village Pub and Café on site where we have our famous $9.99 steak special, a BBQ restaurant, a beer garden on site and then just some great gaming that keeps both locals who have been, you know, tried and true to us for years and years and tourists who love going just a block off the Strip to see where the locals go. You know, it’s almost like the best kept secret people want to tell their friends about because it’s a great place to escape from the Strip while you’re visiting town.”

Describing the customer experience at Ellis Island, she said this:

“We try and treat the visitors that we have on property like they’re kind of in on the family secret, right. So, because it is a smaller property, because it is family run, we try and permeate that through the culture at Ellis Island. … We’re able to take care of players that are often overlooked when they’re visiting the Strip.”

This year marks 20 years since the resort debuted its now famous holiday eggnog. It is available in limited quantities, only during the holiday season. Christina said this about it:

“It’s so funny because it’s such a small part of what we do at Ellis Island, but it’s something that people just have gravitated towards and loved talking about and it has become, you know, it’s just more of releasing, you know, our holiday cocktail lists, right. It is a family recipe and it’s something that has become a part of so many other Christmas and holiday traditions, which is so special.”

Speaking about her job as Vice President of Development at Ellis Island, she offered this:

“I’m responsible for all of our food and beverage, our new construction projects whether at Ellis Island or at our other properties and then overseeing things like marketing and events, doing great interviews like the one we’re doing this morning, really helping spread the word about Ellis Island.”

You can listen to the entire CYInterview with Christina Ellis below and learn more about Ellis Island Hotel, Casino & Brewery.

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