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Cher Appears at Hillary Clinton’s Wynwood Campaign Office in Miami; The Entertainment Legend Backs Former Secretary of State Clinton for President

On the eve of the Presidential Election, entertainment legend Cher appeared before a crowd, at Hillary Clinton’s Wynwood campaign office in Miami. The Oscar/Grammy/Emmy/Golden Globe winner was on hand to thank supporters of Secretary of State Clinton’s campaign.

During her speech, Cher said of Republican nominee Donald Trump, “When someone tells you who they are believe them.” The superstar was referring to the offensive and questionable things Mr. Trump has said during his campaign. Focusing on that subject, our article on the election, Vote No to Trump: The Trump Candidacy, A Cure Worse Than the Disease [see here] goes into some detail about Trump’s words.

At the event, Cher told a story about how she was slated to speak after Secretary of State Clinton, at a function. The singer told Secretary Clinton she did not want to speak after her. The pop legend did not think she was up to the task of following the Secretary on the speaker’s platform. The former First Lady/U.S. Senator/Secretary of State said to the actress that she would do fine speaking after her because she was an Academy Award winner. Returning the compliment, Cher then called her President.

If you have not voted yet, make sure you do. You cannot turn back time if you do not.

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