Charlotte Moroz

Charlotte Moroz, Puppeteer Extraordinaire: Talks Puppets, Her Artist’s Life, More

The world of puppets, puppet making and puppeteering is not something I suspect most of us know much about. That’s about to change. The multitalented Charlotte Moroz joined us to speak about her puppet artistry. A resident of Brooklyn, New York, she shares with us interesting information about puppeteering, within the realm of the performing arts.

Living in Brooklyn has, in part, given her the opportunity to create many unique performances with puppets. Her story of being a puppeteer, a theater maker, playwright and all around entertainer may give you a whole new perspective on puppets in general.

As someone who enjoys small and offbeat performance settings, Charlotte’s opportunity to grow as a performer has taken some interesting turns. She is a member of the Society for Misfit Puppets, for example.

During our conversation, Ms. Moroz gives us insight into the multilayered world of puppets. Her overall goal is to have a TV show one day. She says she has been working on developing a concept for one.

To hear our discussion about everything puppets and performance, you can listen to our CYInterview below:

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