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Chanteuse Melody Sweets Talks New Song Flavor of the Month, Confirms New Las Vegas Show Coming Soon

Earlier this week, the multitalented Melody Sweets performed her new song, Flavor of the Month, in front of a live audience at the Sugar Factory at the Fashion Mall on the Las Vegas Strip.

Followers of the Las Vegas entertainment scene are well familiar with Melody. From her one night only productions to performances when she was part of the popular Caesars Palace show Absinthe, she has made great contributions to the entertainment community here. We were with her last year when she made a guest appearance one evening with the male revue Chippendales, when Tyson Beckford was headlining [see here].

For Flavor of the Month, Melody reached out to people in the local entertainment community to make both the song and the music video a reality. Various Performers in Las Vegas shows, as well as some of the city’s best musicians and producers, lent a hand. Many of these same people came out to show their support for Melody’s event at the Sugar Factory. See our photo, with her above, after her performance.

Las Vegas, being a 24 hour city with many individuals on different schedules, is a tough place to assemble entertainment people for a project. Telling us about all the people who worked on her song, Melody offered us this:

“There was definitely a lot of people involved in this and I can’t be more grateful. From everyone in the video, I don’t know how many people it was, at least 15 people in the video, to the dancers here tonight to the musicians who record the song and play the song and it really is a village of people to get it going.”

Melody Sweets confirmed to us that the reports are true that a new Las Vegas show is in the works for her. Her production company is just looking for the right venue. On how she would describe her new Las Vegas show, she shared the following:

“A lot of singing, a big band, dancing, beautiful girls, beautiful costumes and I really wish I could tell you more. I’m very excited.”

You can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire Melody Sweets CYInterview:

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You can find Flavor of the Month on Itunes clicking here and Spotify clicking here.

You can view the music video for Flavor of the Month on YouTube clicking here.

Visit Melody Sweets official website clicking here.