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Champion of the Underdog, Superstar Attorney Gloria Allred Joins Us to Discuss Election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to U.S. Presidency and Vice Presidency, More

Gloria Allred is one of America’s most famous attorneys. Her continued efforts fighting for equality for the vulnerable and underprivileged makes her one of the country’s most well-known civil rights and women’s rights lawyers.

Aside from her legal work, Attorney Allred is a past elected delegate to the Democratic National Convention, from California. With Democratic nominee Joe Biden elected to be the 46th President of the United States of America, we welcomed back Gloria this past Sunday evening to talk about what this means for the future of the country. She shared this with us:

“Just so much sadness and death and suffering and all of a sudden, we’ve got a happy moment when we know that there’s hope again. There’s hope that we can go back to having a President that we can be proud of that you know who’s going to help to rebuild our institutions, who’s gonna first and foremost focus on a plan to, you know, protect us from Covid.”

In 1984, Geraldine Ferraro was chosen by presidential candidate Walter Mondale to be his running mate on the Democratic ticket for President. It was the first time a woman was selected to be a vice presidential candidate on a major party ticket. Speaking about what having Senator Kamala Harris as America’s first woman Vice President means to herself and America, Attorney Allred shared this:

“Well, of course she is so, so important to little girls everywhere. In fact, I said that on Friday in an interview on Fox that, you know, it’s just so obvious that having a woman as Vice President is very important. As we always have said, ‘A woman’s place is in the house, the White House.’”

In the final days of the Trump Administration, many have asked whether Donald Trump can pardon himself or resign from office and have Vice President Mike Pence grant him a pardon, thereby shielding him from any potential criminal liability on a federal level. Attorney Allred gave her thoughts:

“He might and potentially could. Although it’s not 100 percent clear, pardon himself and maybe his family members from any potential crimes. Of course, if you’re pardoning yourself, in a sense you’re admitting that you might have been guilty of a crime. So it’s probably not something that he would look to, they would want to do, but he could do it potentially. I don’t know that it’s ever been decided as to whether a President can pardon himself. That’s gonna be an issue. … He can’t pardon himself for state crimes. So that he can’t stop, you know, Cyrus Vance from proceeding to prosecute him in New York and he can’t in advance of that pardon himself for state crimes. He doesn’t have that power. It’s not within his jurisdiction.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview, where he discusses with Attorney Allred a variety of political and legal topics surrounding the last days of Donald Trump’s presidency among other topics.

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