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Camille Herron Loves to Run – Far! Very Far! The Ultramarathon Runner Speaks With Us about Running 162 Miles in One Day, Breaking World Records, More

Camille Herron’s story is one that most people might have difficulty wrapping their minds around. In a 24 hour span, the ultra-runner ran 162 miles on a track and in so doing, garnered a world record. It is easy to imagine her feat being a world record. What is hard is imaging getting out on a track and running that distance – in one day.

If that were not enough, Camille counts 21 marathon victories among her triumphs. She likes to say she was born to run. Born to run is an apt phrase for her. It is also the title of a book by Christopher McDougall. Born to Run is about running, an ultramarathon and some extraordinary ultra-runners. Ms. Herron would have fit right in with the cast of real life characters in it.

To better understand Camille’s inspiring athletic achievements, we invited her for a CYInterview. She is enthusiastic and upbeat as she talks what motivates her to run long distances and break records. Jay Bildstein joins us for this discussion.

Camille told us she currently has numerous world records to her credit. When asked about future plans and the Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race, which is considered to be the Mount Everest of ultramarathons and takes place over 52 days, Ms. Herron said it was on her bucket list.

You can listen to our entire CYInterview with Camille Herron below. She is no doubt one of the most inspiring long distance runners of her time.

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