Brandon and Sean Godfrey of Soul of Motown, at the Westgate Las Vegas, Join Us

Recently, we visited the Las Vegas show Soul of Motown, at the Westgate Cabaret at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino [see here]. The show features four superb artists singing some of music’s greatest hits.

After we saw the show, we invited two of the cast members to come on CYInterview. Some days later, they did. We were graced with the presence of Brandon and Sean Godfrey, who are one of Las Vegas’s star couples. They are married and share the stage five nights a week, Wednesday through Sunday, at Soul of Motown.

On what performing classic Motown songs means to them, Brandon Godfrey shared this about singing hits from the likes of Smokey Robinson, The Temptations and Sam Cooke:

“It’s amazing when you think about those guys. They kind of came up in that era where they were creating music for a generation of people that they wanted to help integrate, pretty much, integrate the music industry and make a sound that was for, you know, all people. So, it’s great to be able to sing those songs and see how far that music is still, you know, moving from that generation even into the next generation.”

On what singing hits from Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Whitney Houston means to Sean Godfrey, she said this:

“They are some of the greatest artists that we will ever know. And to be able to represent them in a way that is beautiful, that is powerful, that is strong, that represents them as women is really, really great for me.”

Soul of Motown originated in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. That is where Brandon and Sean’s story began as a couple. Today, they share the stage at the Westgate Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. On what sharing the stage in Las Vegas means to them, they each offered their take:

Brandon Godfrey: “It’s an honor honestly to be able to share the stage with your significant other because, you know, behind the scenes, you know, we deal with marriage, couple life, but then when you get on stage, we get to be able to, you know, whether we’re happy that day with each other or we’re angry at each other that day or you know, we get to use that same passion, you know, to use it in on stage. And like, there are times that, you know with us, we, you know, everything’s not, everything’s, it’s marriage life.”

Sean Godfrey: “There is a chemistry that is unmatched because of the bond and that covenant that we have. Actually, before we even knew that we were going to be a thing, before we started dating or anything, audience members would come up and ask, ‘Are you all together?’ And neither of us had any idea and there was nothing going on, but I guess there was something about us that said that we were predestined to be together.”

You can learn more about Brandon and Sean Godfrey and their Las Vegas show Soul of Motown by watching the entire CYInterview below:

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