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Boston Cream Pie in Las Vegas, No – Think Boston Cream Cake; We Tell you Where

Okay pie people, are you listening? If you happen to come to Las Vegas, you might want to get your pie on. Who can blame you? Pie is one of the great all time desserts.

Last week we talked about a couple of the dinner offerings at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino buffet, here in Las Vegas. Today, we will cover dessert there, specifically, one dessert in particular.

Why the Gold Coast? Aren’t there other great places to eat in Las Vegas? To answer the first question, the Gold Coast is close to where I live. I love walking around in Las Vegas and I almost feel like this resort is “on campus” for me. For an off strip place, it offers plenty. As to the second question, yes, there are many, many great places to eat in Las Vegas. Little by little, we hope to get to them and report back to you good folks.

Now, let’s talk pie. Actually, in this case they call it a cake. Never mind that. I am a pie lover. It is my favorite dessert. It even beats ice cream for me. Anyway, I eat healthy most days of the week, but once or twice a week I hit a buffet or a restaurant here in the entertainment capital of the world. Let’s just say this is one of the great eating capitals of the world as well.

When it came time for dessert last week at the Gold Coast buffet, I was confronted by numerous selections. I’ll admit, I ate more than one dessert. But, the one that stood out was the Boston Cream Pie, oops, I mean the Boston Cream Cake. If you are the kind of person who likes creamy desserts, this “cake” might just fulfill your yearnings.

By the way, at the buffet, there are pieces of cake and pie out that you can just take for yourself. However, there are a variety of specialty desserts, including the Boston Cream Cake, that you have to ask for. Perhaps, they feel that it would disappear in an instant if it were just left out.

You can see a photo of my piece of the cake in question, above. Don’t judge it just by how it looks. Like they say, the proof of the pudding, I mean the pie, I mean the cake, is in the eating. Bon Appétit!

Editor’s Note: As part of a monthly member’s promotion for Boyd Casino Card members, I received a free buffet coupon. Consequently, I did not pay for the meal I had, including the cake mentioned in this article. However, at no point was I asked to write a review, nor do I or CYInterview have any commercial relationship with Boyd.