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Boo but not Hoo: Las Vegas Strip, Resorts and Halloween Costume Choices

The other day, we told you about my Monday evening walk on the Las Vegas Strip. During my stroll through the entertainment capital of the world, I snapped the photo we shared with you, of one of the pirate ships from the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. That pirate ship made me think of Halloween [see here].

Another hotel and resort on the Strip that may make you think of Halloween is Circus Circus. The venerable resort has the famous Lucky the Clown sign out front. Dressing up as a clown for Halloween is a classic costume choice. With their colorful wigs, makeup and rainbow costumes, what says Halloween more than a clown? Well, maybe a witch, a cat, a zombie, a vampire, a … well, there are lots of choices actually!

Nothing says “Boo!” like Halloween in Vegas.

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Lucky the Clown Sign at Circus Circus