Bobby McCray

The Jacksonville Jaguars wanted to add some depth to the defensive line. They did so by drafting Bobby McCray, out of the University of Florida in the seventh round of the 2004 NFL Draft as the 249th pick overall.

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Chris Yandek: First off how are you?

Bobby McCray: “I am doing ok.”

CY: What were your thoughts when you were drafted to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the seventh round?

BM: “Obviously I wanted to go earlier, but things didn’t happen that way. I really am excited to be in Jacksonville. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now. I am excited where I am right now.”

CY: Did you get any offers from any other NFL teams on draft day?

BM: “I did. I got calls early on, but they didn’t go with me. When Jacksonville called me things just seemed right. I don’t know why people passed up on me, but it just happened.”

CY: Do you see yourself making the team?

BM: “Definitely. I am going to come out and work hard. I have a little grudge on my shoulders from being drafted so late because I know what I am capable of doing.”

CY: How has spring camp been with the Jacksonville Jaguars thus far?

BM: “It’s been going real good. It was kind of rough the first day getting used to it because everything was going real quick. I adjusted after a while. I think I have done real good.”

CY: How hard is it to make the change from college football player to NFL player?

BM: “Mostly in college you have to go to class and this and that. In the NFL this is a full time job. You might go in the early morning and be there till late night. It wears you down, but this is your job and you put all your energy into that.”

CY: As an NFL rookie, what is the most important thing you can learn?

BM: “Absorb everything that the veterans try to teach you. Just don’t try to go in and do things yourself. Listen to everything the veterans try to tell me.”

CY: What are your thoughts on Jacksonville Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio thus far?

BM: “I am loving him. Fred Taylor has always talked good things about him. I see what he is talking about now, but I wish I could be with him for a while.”

CY: What was it like being All-Southeastern Conference second-team in the 2002 and 2003 seasons?

BM: “The SEC killed me on that. I lead the conference in sacks, but I still got second team. I don’t understand that. I was kind upset about that because I really thought I was first team. Just leaving college and those accomplishments makes you feel good.”

CY: Did you ever think you would be on the last team Steve Spurrier coached at the University of Florida in 2001?

BM: “I wish I would have been on every team, but it didn’t go like that. At least I went out with him in a bang in the Orange Bowl game. I have great memories with him.”

CY: What were your thoughts on the two years you spent at the University of Florida under new head coach Ron Zook?

BM: “It was a good era with Zook. As a team we didn’t finish the simple things we needed to do to get where we wanted to go. It was on our shoulders, and we should have executed the plays, but we didn’t do it. We had a couple of losses, but we went to the bowl game and give it our all.”

CY: Do you feel Ron Zook has a lot to live up to at the University of Florida?

BM: “Yea. They kind of expect him to do more. You come in with a new program and new system and have to start all over again. I expect big things out of him this year because it is his third year. Everybody should be more comfortable with the system.”

CY: Do you feel the ACC refs made some really bad calls in the Florida vs. FSU game this past 2003 college football season?

BM: “I don’t even have to say anything about that. Everyone who saw the game knew what happened about that situation. It just happens sometimes.”

CY: What are your thoughts on where the Jacksonville Jaguars can go in the 2004 NFL season?

BM: “I think we can get real good, go high, and go far through the whole season. I don’t want to talk about playoffs and things like that, but we made some improvements during this off season as far as the defensive backs, a new running back, and a new linebacker. The defensive line is pretty solid. We just need to go out and execute every game.”

CY: Finally, give me your thoughts on what you want to accomplish as an NFL rookie.

BM: “Going into camp and seeing if I can solidify a lot of playing time during the regular season. I am not talking about starting early in the NFL season, but accomplish things to get a lot of playing time. I am trying to set my goals to become rookie of the year. It will be easy for me with all the other guys having high expectations.”