Birthday Cake, a Poem

Life isn’t all Birthday Cake
Not even close
Too many of us learn this too late
But better late than never, I suppose

Champagne might be great
And sure, you could get drunk
Maybe that is an escape
But can you be the best you, drunk?

Fast food is tasty
Does it promote good health?
Answer that question yourself
Yet we often don’t bother to focus on these things

Sure, a party, Birthday Cake, it sounds great
A nice piece of cake, a soft drink –
Sounds like fun
But what happens?

How many of us want Cake, when there is no Birthday
No question mark needed, that’s rhetorical
And we lie to ourselves
Because, hey, if we face the truth we face change

Change is scary
Yet we want to pretend we are courageous
Maybe, it is better that we admit to being afraid
And work toward changing ourselves anyway

Nobody can change you
Only you can change you
Birthday Cake, on a birthday, once in a while might be ok
But how many of us are Birthday cake everyday people?

Excuses abound
Yes, we are busy
Yes life is tough
And then this, “I deserve”

Hey Pal,
Once upon a time I read
“In nature there are no rewards or punishments, just consequences.”
Consider that

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