Chris Yandek, Jason Alexander

Big Game Commercial and Entertainment Wrap Up

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, lead by veteran superstar quarterback Tom Brady, bested the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs, lead by superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes, 31 to 9 in the Big Game. The biggest football game of the season was nowhere near as close as many had thought it might be.

Turning our attention to the pageantry surrounding the Big Game, there were several celebrities appearing in this year’s commercials. They included Mike Meyers, Dana Carvey and Cardi B for Uber Eats, Matthew McConaughey for Doritos and Samuel L. Jackson for Verizon.

Actor/Comedian Jason Alexander appeared in a Tide laundry detergent commercial. In it, a mother is telling her son that he must wash his Jason Alexander face hoodie. At the end of the commercial, Mr. Alexander realizes someone is wearing his face and tells the teenager he cannot just wear his face. You can view the commercial on YouTube by clicking here.

We met Mr. Alexander at Art Basel in 2014 on South Beach in Miami Beach, Florida. You can see our photo together above. Known for a variety of movies and TV shows, the actor is best known as Seinfeld’s George Costanza.

As for the Game’s halftime show, singer/songwriter The Weekend paid tribute to the Entertainment Capital of the World with a Las Vegas themed set that appeared at the beginning of his performance. Many will recall that the Grammy winner’s music video Heartless is set in Las Vegas. Many of the scenes in the video took place at the Fremont Street Experience.

A location is yet to be determined for the site of the 2024’s Big Game. Las Vegas is still in the running. We know one day the biggest football game of the year will be here and it will be one of the biggest entertainment gatherings in American history.

What is ahead for Las Vegas? March Madness is next month. There will be tourists from all across the country coming to watch the NCAA Tournament, under Covid-19 restrictions.

Stay safe and have a great week!