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Beacon of Hope for the Beleaguered, Attorney Gloria Allred Turns 80, Joins Us to Discuss Her Birthday, More

Last week, powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred celebrated her 80th birthday. Since 2007, she has been appearing with us, on CYInterview, to provide analysis on a variety of legal, political and social topics.

These days, Ms. Allred’s legal calendar is jampacked. She works every day and aspires to make the most of her time. As one of America’s most prominent attorneys, her ability to attract the world’s attention and fight for equality, for a host of beleaguered individuals, is well known and will continue to be.

On turning 80, Gloria said this to us:

“I still feel a lot of energy. I actually, if people didn’t tell me that I was 80 or remember the date on the calendar, I would think I was just 14 because I feel that way. I feel that it’s exciting to be alive, so many adventures ahead. I’m working non-stop every day, every weekend, every night, every holiday and I feel very blessed that I’m able to help so many people: rape victims, sexual assault victims, child sexual abused victims of sexual harassment, victims of discrimination because of their gender, their race, their sexual orientation, their tradition, of AIDS, it’s just great to be alive. That’s all I can say.”

Having represented more than 30 of Bill Cosby’s accusers, Attorney Allred gave us her thoughts on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling, overturning the comedian’s conviction and freeing him from prison recently:

“The good news is they had the courage to testify and a jury of his peers convicted him unanimously of those felonies. That will always be on Mr. Cosby’s, well, that will be part of his legacy. And so, when he passes from this world, his obituary is going to say that he was convicted of these three felonies by a jury of his peers and that the Supreme Court vacated the conviction, essentially on procedural grounds and that has to do with the first DA [District Attorney] supposedly entering into an agreement not to prosecute. By the way, the agreement was never in writing.”

Attorney Allred shared with us that her legal interactions with Bill Cosby are not over. On behalf of one Cosby’s accusers, whom she is representing in California, there is a pending civil lawsuit in Santa Monica. The famed attorney said Mr. Cosby will be required to give a deposition in the case:

“He’s gonna have to answer all questions and just like in the Andrea Constand civil case, he’s not gonna be taking, he can’t take the Fifth Amendment, he can’t invoke his privilege against self-incrimination. He will have to answer all questions. I’m looking forward to that. I doubt that he is. … When he’s looking at what’s next, he needs to think about the fact that I’m next. I’m next very soon.”

Though Attorney Allred is busier than ever, she still manages to look fantastic. On her secrets to good health and the ability to continue being productive at a high level, she shared this:

“I don’t eat meat. I haven’t eaten any kind of meat, which means fowl white meat or meat for decades. So, no meat at all. I do eat fish and lots of vegetables and fruits. I don’t drink alcohol at all. And, I’ve never smoked weed or regular cigarettes. And I don’t do drugs and I never have, which is not a moral decision, it’s just when the drug craze started, I was working three jobs, I never had any money to do, spend on drugs as a single parent. I didn’t have any money to go to parties. I had to save everything to support my daughter as a single parent who couldn’t get child support a lot of times. So, in that way, sometimes not having money turns out to be a good thing. So, although I don’t necessarily wish it on anybody. So that’s pretty much, I do some little workout, a little elliptical, 10 minutes every morning.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joined us for this CYInterview to discuss with Gloria Allred a variety of topics.

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