Be Certain During Times of Uncertainty

During times of uncertainty, and I am focused on economic uncertainty here, be certain. This might best be summed up by the dictum, “This too shall pass.”

The United States of America is suffering from massive divisiveness in Washington. The U.S. must make some tough decisions going forward, about how to deal with its fiscal house. Intractable politics have prevented Washington from effectively dealing with the dynamics of overspending, debt and the national debt ceiling. What we see are stopgap measures, not long term solutions.

Meanwhile, Europe does not appear to be in particularly robust shape. The future of the Euro continues to be in question. Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain all have plenty of structural fiscal issues to deal with. The outlook there is challenging. Very challenging.

It is easy, in times like these, to become fearful. The interconnectedness of national economies means that a fiscal malady in one nation can all too easily lead to the sickening of another country or region’s economy. This in lands far from where the original outbreak of economic sickness began.

What to do?

Life is filled with challenges. Remember that. Economies run in cycles. Remember that. Human beings are resilient. Remember that. In times of economic strife – as tough as they may be – remember this, “This too shall pass.”

Is the notion that things are cyclical a prescription for abdicating responsibility for doing the very best we can, particularly in the face of challenging circumstances? Absolutely not. It is merely a call not to panic. It is a call to press forward in a way that works to surmount challenges and improve the human condition through, among other things, responsible commerce.

Business owners are economic heroes. They drive the economy forward. That drive is predicated on optimism married to the desire to find needs in the marketplace and fulfill them. National economic cycles are in constant flux. What must be steadfast is our knowledge that through time and effort, any challenge can be surmounted.

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