Baseball’s Oakland Athletics Moving to Las Vegas

The Oakland Athletics will be relocating to Las Vegas. The reported plan is to have the Major League Baseball team playing in the Entertainment Capital of the World by 2027. Their new name will be the Las Vegas Athletics.

The team’s stadium will be built just west of the Las Vegas Strip, on Tropicana Avenue and Dean Martin Drive. It is the former location of the Wild West Casino, which closed in 2022.

Yesterday was yet another beginning for the incredibly fast-growing Las Vegas sports community. For a city that did not have any major professional sports teams until six years ago, the Entertainment Capital of the World is now one of the leading cities in America for sports, with the NFL, NHL, WNBA, XFL and now the MLB. We believe it is only a matter of time until the NBA is here.

If the NBA were to have a team here, might we then say that Las Vegas is the number one sports destination in America? We think that argument could be made. Remember, later this year we will have Formula One racing here and in February 2024, the Super Bowl will be here.

Las Vegas, dominant in entertainment, dominant in sports! Dominant!