Barrel of Mead Found: Not Suitable for Imbibition

When people think of Mead, their thoughts might run to that alcoholic beverage made from fermenting honey mixed with water. After all, this libation is a historic adult beverage. However, they might not think of Lake Mead, that manmade body of water some miles from Las Vegas. Lake Mead was created by the water dammed up by the Hoover Dam back in the 1930s.

Locals as well as visitors to the Entertainment Capital of the World may know of Lake Mead. They may well have enjoyed some fun in the sun on it.

However, beneath the waters of Lake Mead there are stories waiting to surface. And with water levels dropping, things have a tendency to pop up. So, it was, with the Barrel of Mead. No, there is no alcohol in it. This barrel of Lake Mead had a body in it and it has captivated the media’s attention.

Yesterday, it was announced more human remains were found in Lake Mead. Might the weeks ahead bring more secrets to the surface? We will keep you informed. Click back often.

Photo credit: Photo via Good Free Photos