Authenticity Do, a Poem

Awake? Baked cake a mistake? Partake too late? Delay at your peril. Life will never be sterile. There is no perfect time to act. And if your life is an act, don’t you miss authenticity? If you just front, who are you, I mean, through and through? Sort of searching for an answer while drowning it out with social life? Is that your unguent for personal strife? Hey, it’s your life.

You don’t need to wait around for appropriate nomenclature. You are not a science project, just a person, a tiny grain of sand in an endless universe. No amount of verse will change that. Yet though you might be small, your soul is infinitely tall. And you can scale it to great heights if you are willing to resolve your internal fights.

We can fly high if we get real. Really high if we have the steel. We can soar. We can travel. We can judge ourselves gently with our own internal gavel. Then, we can get on with it. What we need to do. What we need to see through. Our raison d’être is no mistake. We are not toast, French or otherwise, as long as we are willing to correct our errors with passion. This should be our latest fashion. Get ready to walk in Milan with élan.

Sometimes we fail. But that is only temporary if we are willing to continue on. Sometimes we are frozen for far too long, but that does not mean we won’t thaw and carry on. We need not sing our swan song until we are good and ready. We can continue forward, step by step, slow, even footed and steady.

This I say to me and to you too. It is up to us. So we shouldn’t make a fuss. This is the way it is done. Truly, it can be lots of fun. Go forward. Be bold. Make sure to the world, your story has been told. Improve the human condition. Do good by your fellow human. And in the context of all this, swim in your self-built lake of satisfaction while following your own authentic plan.

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