Atomic Saloon Show at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas at the Grand Canal Shoppes is a Blast! You’ll be Entertained Nonstop by this Amazing, Irreverent Adult Production

This past Saturday night, CYInterview was on hand, in the front row, to witness one of the Las Vegas Strip’s newest and most talked about shows. We were at the Atomic Saloon Show at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, at the Grand Canal Shoppes.

The show is produced by Spiegelworld which is also behind the Las Vegas Strip shows Absinthe and Opium. Known for their over the top productions, the Atomic Saloon Show certainly fits that description as well. With its endless sexual comedy and riotous humor, the fast paced show is set in the Wild West, complete with saloons and brothels. Additionally, the audience can grab a drink from a bar that is right behind where the show takes place.

The Atomic Saloon Show has a certain wackiness to it, with cowboys, nuns and other characters that are off the wall. The entertainers are quite talented and do everything from all sorts of dancing to a variety of pole, hula hoop and aerial performances.

This adult show is not for the easily offended but will leave you laughing nonstop, in addition to surprising you with things you might never have expected to see in the Wild West.

You can find more information about the Atomic Saloon Show and purchase tickets clicking here.