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Anna Falchi says her lips would make Angelina Jolie jealous. Italian actress Anna Falchi brings one of her movies to New York at the end of October to show what the face of Italian cinema represents. The international beauty has worked with legendary director Federico Fellini and famous American entertainers like Cindy Crawford. Falchi talks about how she hated modeling, moved into cinema, and how she dislikes reality shows.

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Chris Yandek: Your latest movie Sorry You Can’t Get Through will premiere at Tribeca Theaters in New York on October 28th.

Anna Falchi: “Yes. It will be a special day for me. It is my first movie as a producer, not only an actress. That’s why I have a little role in the movie, just a cameo. I am very excited to come to New York cause it’s very hard for Italian production to have the opportunity to go out with a movie in the U.S. of course.”

CY: Is it easier to be a major star in a European country like Italy than compared to how crazy it is in America as far as how we treat and see a celebrity? Are you able to walk on the street and do people not mob you?

AF: “It’s very easy in Italy to gain the popularity because of the television for example. It’s harder to gain popularity with movies. It’s hard to achieve success with movies in general. People prefer to stay home watching TV. For me it’s a challenge to produce movies. I like to develop a project from a script and see it emerge from a script.”

CY: Your commercial in 1992 with famed director Federico Fellini was your big break. Were you ready to handle it and working with someone as legendary as Federico still at a young age?

AF: “Yes. I started working very early in my life when I was 18 and I became a favorite. As you said, it was a very famous commercial directed by Federico Fellini. The special thing is that I learned from men like him. He gave me the opportunity to work with him. I think it’s really great to start early. You can improve your skills thanks to the experience. Everything is art for me for example. I am an actress, talk show host, stage actress.”

CY: You were enrolled in modeling school at a very young age, but today you have all these reality shows. What do you make of a show like America’s Next Top Model and are they helping or hurting the modeling industry?

AF: “I think it’s good to begin, to improve. Young experience is a good way. Why not? I hated modeling. That is why I stopped immediately. I tried the hard street for cinema. Reality shows are awful. I think it’s the worst way to start for example because it’s not necessary to have skills. To be yourself is not good.”

CY: says your lips are more appealing than Angelina Jolie. How would you define your overall beauty? Some even say you’re one of the most beautiful woman in the world.

AF: “Me? Not at all, one of the most beautiful in Italy perhaps because I am different from Italian women. That’s why being different is a way to be special. Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life and she’s really great as an actress too. It’s more difficult in Italy to be beautiful and a good actress. You have to work harder.”

CY: Is there any particular reason why?

AF: “For Italian directors, it’s impossible to work with beautiful women because usually the stories are very easy, talks about poor people, you have to not have so much fashion, not be so beautiful, and glamorous. They’re afraid I think. Now my challenge is to aim at the new generation of directors because they’re afraid of beauty. They’re afraid! That’s the reason.”

CY: Finally, would you like to do more American work with more American personalities like Cindy Crawford who’ve you been in films with?

AF: “At the end of October I start a new production with a new director. Now I am acting in a comedy. A very famous comedy in Italy.”

Sorry You Can’t Get Through Debuts at on October 28th at Tribeca Theaters in New York.

Anna Falchi will be signing autographs on Saturday October 27 at E Rossi & CO., 193 Grand Central.

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