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Actress Alyssa Milano is leaving the Hollywood set for the baseball diamond. The veteran actress will provide player interviews, reports, and special features on TBS Hot Corner on starting September 17th. Milano also discusses joining NBC’s My Name is Earl, using her celebrity to make change, and thoughts on the 2008 presidential candidates.

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Chris Yandek: Thanks for joining me today!

Alyssa Milano: “Thank you Chris!”

CY: Why is being this a dream job for you?

AM: “Well, I am a huge baseball fan. I was raised around it. I grew up watching it around my dad’s lap. Just to be given the opportunity to make a living at something that I love and bring fans an insider’s perspective and a behind the scenes look of what it means to be in the playoffs. It’s just awesome.”

CY: How much do you really know about baseball?

AM: “A lot. I interviewed Trever Hoffman yesterday for the show and he said, ‘Wow! Your dad taught you well’. So I know a lot about baseball.”

CY: Just another pretty face, or does she really get it?

AM: “Well, I think anyone that follows my blog knows that I do really…really get it.”

CY: You will be appearing in episodes of My Name is Earl this season. Can you tell us a bit about the character you are playing? Are you a love interest to Earl?

AM: “I am a possible love interest for Earl. We are gonna see how the chemistry goes. I signed on for a few episodes. My character’s name is Billy and her life sort of runs parallel to Earl’s. I see her kind of as a female version to him.”

CY: How do you feel about jumping back into network television?

AM: “I am excited! I am blessed to have a twenty-five year career and 18 seasons on network television. Just the fact I can still work and do what I love is a great feeling.”

CY: Being someone who grew up in this industry as a child star, what do you feel when you see the recent legal and personal troubles of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Britney Spears?

AM: “I am not gonna answer questions like that. I am sorry!

CY: Do you feel sorry for them because you had to deal with certain things or similar things?

AM: “Again, I am not gonna comment on anyone’s personal life. I wish everyone the best, health, and happiness.”

CY: Who do you like in the 2008 presidential candidates? Does one appeal more to you? I know you deal with so many different issues.

AM: “I am still gathering information and keeping an open mind. I think Barack Obama has incredible presence. I think John Edwards has a lot to say as well. Hillary Clinton is obviously fascinating. At this point I am still gathering information.”

CY: Being a support of PETA, were you disappointed with Michael Vick’s recent actions?

AM: “Yes. I think Michael Vick’s actions were barbaric and awful.”

CY: Looking at your blog, you really care about the historic things, but you also care about the community activities that so many are involved in. Why is that so appealing to you?

AM: “Well, I think anyone at anytime whether they be a celebrity or an athlete uses their voice to effect positive change in the world, that it’s a positive thing. We need to recognize them and support them through that process.”

CY: You’ve worked with many great causes. What is the thing that touches you about what you’ve been able to do with the name recognition that you have?

AM: “Well, I don’t think there is any reason to be a celebrity unless you can use that voice to create change. It’s given my celebrity validation and a reason. I think it’s important for all people to realize that there is struggling in humanity in general. We need to support our brothers and sisters and do something about it.”

CY: What was the wake up call for you that I need to use what I have to benefit others?

AM: “I lived in South Africa for three months in 2000, and I got caught up in humanitarian effort. I volunteered in a children’s hospital and a township there. That was really the turning point in my life.”

CY: What should we expect from the player interviews you do, coverage, and could you name the entire Los Angeles Dodgers starting lineup if I asked you?

AM: “Could I?”

CY: Yes!

AM: “Yeah I think so. I think what fans should expect from me is to give them a fan’s perspective. I am obviously not a professional correspondent. That’s not how I make my living, but I am a baseball fan. My angle is going to be giving the fans answers to the questions that they want.”

CY: This time it will definitely be different because you’re not acting.

AM: “Right! Exactly! (Laughs) That’s kind of what is scary about it. So do you want me to list the starting lineup?”

CY: No. I am not gonna ask that, but I will ask you to give a prediction for how the Los Angeles Dodgers will finish the season.

AM: “The great thing about baseball is you can make predictions and you can think you have it all figured out, but you’re really don’t know. Miraculous things happen in the sport. We’re still six games out of the division and we’re two and a half out of the wildcard. I think we have a good chance to make the wildcard and I am keeping my fingers crossed.”

CY: Alyssa Milano, thanks for your time today! Good luck with TBS Hot Corner.

AM: “Thank you very much.”

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