All of the Above

What is the best way to succeed in business? Let’s list some possibilities: 1.) Be self-motivated. 2.) Work on self-improvement. 3.) Work on acquiring needed skills. 4.) Develop better focus. 5.) Take care of your health. 6.) Make sure to balance work with family life. 7.) Become a better listener. 8.) Eat better. 9.) Do some doctor approved exercise every day. 10.) Develop a good sense of humor.

Now, as to the list of possibilities above, which would you choose to best help you to succeed in business? Well, the title of this column gave the answer away. What should you pick from the list above? Everything on the list; all of the above.

Some of us might wonder what our eating, exercise patterns or personal life has to do with our ability to succeed in business. The answer is quite a lot.

We are human beings, not business beings. Our business endeavors, while important, do not completely define who we are. We have needs. We need to be well nourished. We need to immerse ourselves in appropriate exercise. We need to be loved. And so on and so on.

The happier we are as human beings, the better we can perform at our business undertakings. If we focus all our efforts on nothing but business, ignoring our health or our home life, eventually this can take a toll on our business performance.

It is up to us to seek balance. Finding balance is easier said than done. It is often a challenge. Perhaps it is best for us to remember that the worlds of business, health and personal relationships are intertwined and that we need to make sure we do not neglect one area, lest it imperil the other areas as well. It is true that, at times, we have to focus on one area more than another, yet adjusting priorities is not the same as out and out neglect.

Balance is often difficult to achieve, but it is certainly worth striving for. Maybe, better balance in life in general might yield greater efficiency in business. Food for thought.

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