Alive in Colors; a Poem

Green is the color I see in my mind, of life and growth, of time beyond time. It gives me hope like the lush of the forest. A place of hope, a space of dreams – a feeling of relaxation and park scenes. The plants, the plants, the plants. They are green! Too often ignored in our concrete laden schemes. Oh green!

And then there is blue, it is true. The color of the sky and of me and of you. When we are sad that is. But blue can bring me relief, with its cool, calming tones. It can make me feel better, right down to my bones. I do not like to feel blue, but I love to see it. Not in the emotions of people but in the color of the sky. I look to the heavens, not to ask why but to give thanks. Blue does it for me. Does it do it for you?

Orange, yellow and red – they remind me I am not dead. They are vibrant. They vibrate. They fill me with life. They energize me when I am suffering and in strife. A yellow sun, a red rose, even a red nose when it is a bit cold. Of course, an orange orange, what other color would it be? I like eating it. That is how it should be. Ah, these colors lift me up!!!

A world of colors is a world of fun – white sands, blue waters and red hot sun. And, yet, some of us are so busy that we fail to perceive these colors and their fun. We go through the world that we have turned gray in our heads. We are put upon, working hard, going out of our minds. Yet colors can relieve us when we need them the most. They bless us with their variety and remind us we are not ghosts.

We are, instead, alive in colors. We are not dead! Rejoice the colors, the rainbow, the parks and remember to live your life out of the dark! Colors are life!

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