Ahman Green

He has become one of the standout running backs in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers. Ahman Green is one guy you can put in the same list with the likes of Clinton Portis, Edgerrin James, and even Priest Holmes. He is one of those guys who came from a prestigious college like Nebraska and is going to continue to turn heads.

Chris Yandek: How do you think you compare to running backs like Edgerrin James, Priest Holmes or Clinton Portis?

Ahman Green: “We are all different types of runners. We are all fast you could say that. I am more of a slasher then anything. Clinton Portis has real quickness to anything and so does Priest. Everybody is a little different in the aspect of a running game.”

CY: What have you learned from Brett Favre, and how many more seasons do you think he has left?

AG: “I learned how to basically play through whatever. I learned how to play through a good game, bad game, playing hurt, always keeping it simple, and having fun out there doing it.”

CY: What are your thoughts on Green Bay Packers coach Mike Sherman?

AG: “Good coach. Definitely knows the game. Knows how to prepare for a season or a game with his personnel that he has along with him. He knows the exact details he needs to focus on during the game, the game week, and he just knows how to get you prepared mentally and physically.”

CY: What are your thoughts on Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Tom Rossley?

AG: “He knows the game very well because he once played it before. He knows when you need to run the ball, pass the ball, and knows the tools that he has to do that stuff, and he knows the tools he can work with and which he can’t.”

CY: What are your thoughts on the 2003-2004 Packers overall?

AG: “Basically an up and down season, but nothing to where we lost grip or knowing what the goal was or know what we have to do. We didn’t point any fingers at anybody. If we lost a game, people know who made the mistakes, but we have to fix them and keep going on.”

CY: When you were traded to Green Bay, did you feel like you were getting a 2nd chance at starting as a running back?

AG: “I take everyday as a grain of salt. It was a blessing coming here because you never know how long you will play in this sport. It is such an intense and violent sport that you take it as it comes. Wherever I got my chance whether it be in Seattle or wherever I went in there with my chance, and go out there and do what I have to do which is play football and have fun.”

CY: Finally, what do you remember most from your days at the University of Nebraska?

AG: “It’s a land of football that includes playing football, having fun, going to school. I loved going to school. I got my degree and played football with a whole bunch of great guys and some I keep in contact with. Having the chance to be coached by Frank Solich and Tom Osborne. A lot did and didn’t have that opportunity to play for someone like him, but he coached many guys back in the 1960s, 1970s,1980s, and 1990s before I got there. I had the opportunity to play for a great college football coach.”