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Actress/Singer/Dancer/Comic MaKenzie Fly, of Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man, at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, Launches Talks Yoga, Staying Sane During Pandemic

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most Las Vegas entertainers have been sidelined since March. Until productions return to pre-pandemic levels, in the Entertainment Capital of the World, many performers will be working at other endeavors.

Actress/singer/dancer/comic MaKenzie Fly had been performing in the show, Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man, at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Last year, we covered the show and CYInterviewed Makenzie, along with her castmates. You can find that by clicking here.

Aside from her Las Vegas entertainment career, MaKenzie has been teaching yoga for a decade. This past week, she launched her own website: She is giving people an on opportunity to book private yoga classes with her via Zoom. With the current economic challenges in Las Vegas, owing to a pandemic that will presumably be here for a while, the creative community of Las Vegas is focusing on other ways to make money. Makenzie talks about why she decided to open up her own online Yoga studio:

“I am fortunate in a sense that I have been teaching yoga now for almost 10 years and it’s been a nice pairing and partner alongside my performance and always has been. I got my first yoga teacher training when I was in college. I was teaching in college and have been teaching all throughout my professional career. So at least I kind of have, it was never necessary like a backup plan, but it was just something that I did alongside. So, it’s been beautiful. I’ve been so thankful that I’ve had this to kind of help not only other people, but more importantly keep me sane. You know, at least yoga is something that stresses, you know, wellness and kind of giving you the space to process your emotions and try to deal with them in a healthy way.”

Yoga Teacher MaKenzie Fly

Previously, when she was not on stage on the Las Vegas Strip, MaKenzie could be found teaching yoga at Lifetime Athletic Green Valley. She says teaching yoga in person is like performing on stage:

“Yoga teaching almost feels like a miniature performance because you go somewhere and you set space for someone, you set the stage even though it’s not a play at Paris Hotel and much different topic than Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man, than doing a yoga class.”

Aside from the physical part of Yoga, MaKenzie gives us her thoughts on the mental side of it:

“As far as the mental training that comes with yoga, I think that’s where it keeps it exciting and interesting because you’re changing every day. You’re changing breath to breath. You know, it depends on what you ate, what you did the day before, how much focus you have in that moment. So, even though you may be doing the same yoga practice every day, I just find it so endlessly and deliciously interesting because you’re evolving all the time. So, it’s always different.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview, where he discusses a variety of yoga and movement topics with MaKenzie.

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With Colin Cahill, MaKenzie Fly and Mark Melton Jr. at Sex Tips at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino in 2019

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