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Actress/Model/Rapper Jasmine Métivier’s Star is on the Rise: The Artist Speaks with Us About Her Projects, the Future, More

When Las Vegas re-opened last month, a particular visitor was one of entertainment’s newest faces. Actress, model and now rapper Jasmine Métivier ended up spending a month in Las Vegas. While staying at Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, she took photographs of herself at the resort’s pool and posted them on social media. From there, one of her photos was shared on Harrah’s official Instagram page. That is how we found out about the 24-year old artist. The photo above was also taken during Jasmine’s time here in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Jasmine told us she did not plan to be here, in Las Vegas, for a month but, because of flight issues, her return to New York City, where she lives, was delayed. On what it was like to be here on vacation during the coronavirus pandemic, she said the pool and the sun were the best part. There was also some gaming in between. Summing up her four-week vacation, the actress told us this:

“I had a blast while I was there. I did not expect to stay a month. … The biggest excitement we had probably was at the pool because that’s the most people you meet. The trip was kind of quiet the majority of the time.”

Jasmine is the latest woman in the hip hop genre, with her track titled Grateful. It is available for download on all major streaming platforms. When we asked her when she knew she could be a rapper, she told us that music was always part of her life.

“Wow! Great question. I knew from a very young age. I grew up in a musical background. My dad was in a band. My uncle was in a group at the time called Skin Deep and they did stuff for Notorious B.I.G. and Lil’ Kim. So, I was always surrounded by it since I was very little. And then I went to performing arts school. So, through elementary all the way up to high school, I was in performing arts. I grew up in church, so I use to sing in a choir. And it kind of became just my nature in a sense, like it felt so organic.”

As for acting, her first major movie role was filmed in India. You can currently watch her in Kumbalangi Nights on Amazon Prime or Apple TV. Filming away from home for a few months, in another country, was a life changing experience for Ms. Métivier. She told us this this:

“I was living out there for about four months. It was the most life changing experience that I’ve ever experienced. I’m so grateful. That’s one thing I was extremely grateful for. … My role was very, as a strong woman who knew what she wants and she wasn’t scared to speak up to men.”

Jasmine’s star is getting brighter with the diversity of entertainment projects that she has been a part of. We wish her continued success.

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You can purchase Jasmine Metivier’s hip-hop single Grateful on a variety of streaming platforms by clicking here.

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