Actress Kiara Barnes Talks Fantasy Island, Her Career, Her Podcast, More

From 2018 to 2022, actress Kiara Barnes starred as Zoe Bukingham on the televised soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. Today, she stars as Ruby Akuda in the Fox primetime television series Fantasy Island. The show airs Monday evenings.

Ms. Barnes, who is also a podcaster and a singer, joined us for a CYInterview to reflect on her acting career, her podcast and her thoughts on love and relationships, among other topics.

Reflecting on her time on The Bold and the Beautiful, Ms. Barnes offered this about working on a soap opera:

“I had no idea what I was getting into when I first got on to that show and everyone kept like kind of kept telling me, oh, you know, it’s actor’s boot camp, it’s actor boot camp. But you don’t really understand, it is a machine. Like, soap operas on average, they shoot anywhere between four to on some days I think I’ve done seven to eight episodes in one day. No joke.”

Actress Kiara Barnes

Today, Kiara stars on the television show Fantasy Island, alongside past CYInterview guest, actress Roselyn Sanchez [see here]. Sharing her experiences of shooting the show in Puerto Rico and working with Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Barnes shared this:

“It’s nice to know that the writers are using even their real scenarios of life experience and putting it into the work and that’s connecting on an energetic level past the TV screen to people at home. … There was never this feeling of like oh, she’s [Roselyn Sanchez] here, I’m here. She just made me feel like, hey, like you deserve to be here obviously for a reason and let’s connect and have fun. So, just humanized the entire situation.”

With Roselyn Sanchez back in 2014 on South Beach at the then Cavalli Miami Restaurant

When she is not acting, Ms. Barnes shares her life experiences on a podcast called Talk Theory. In one episode, she shared her insight on how love should be:

“If you think and you believe that love is just meant to be hard and it’s a struggle, then ok, that’s totally ok, but that is gonna be your experience. But I made the decision that love is meant to be easy and effortless and flow and you should just be having more of a good time than a bad time. You know, that should be the more normalizations that when it’s really that person, you’ll know because it’s not hard. You know, it’s just in flow.”

What would be Kiara’s ultimate acting dream?

“I would love, this dream role is to play Storm in the Marvel-Verse. That would be so cool.”

Additionally, Ms. Barnes shared stories about her singing career, working with former Las Vegas headliner Marie Osmond on Fantasy Island and wanting to visit Las Vegas again, in the future. You can watch and listen to the over 30 minute CYInterview below:

Watch the entire Kiara Barnes CYInterview below:

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