Tre Hale

Actor Tre Hale Joins Us: Discusses Platonic, His Career, Las Vegas, More

This week, streaming viewers are being introduced to one of Hollywood’s newest stars. Actor Tre Hale is sharing the screen with Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne in the Apple TV+ comedy series Platonic. The series debuted yesterday.

Mr. Hale joined CYInterview to reflect on his latest acting project, his career so far and being a frequent visitor to Las Vegas.

Prior to his acting career, Mr. Hale played college football for the UCLA Bruins, as a fullback. He agreed that playing the sport helped him transition into acting:

“If you’re fortunate to play sports at a high level, it really transfers over to this entertainment industry as far as just the preparation that goes into it, handling adversity, having thick skin, performing at a high level when all the eyes are on you. Yeah, there’s a lot of things that kind of equate with one another that I think would help out any young aspiring actor in the industry if they were lucky enough to play sports for sure.”

Yesterday, Apple TV+ released the first episodes of the comedy series Platonic. Tre plays Andy. He is seen on screen in scenes with Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne. The actor shared his thoughts on working on this series:

“Being Andy was quite easy at times because he reminded me of a lot of myself in real life. It was a lot of things that I read on paper when I first looked at the role and I was like, oh this is gonna be awesome. So I just go, I get to go and not even really even have to dive into acting. I can just be funny and be the guy that I am with my friends on a daily basis.”

Art is intimidating life for Tre Hale. Aside from his role as Andy in Platonic, he is playing college football player Kai, in the popular CW Television show All American. He said working on that show is preparing him for fatherhood:

“I get to play a father in the show, which has a little bit of a parallel to my real life. Me and my lady are expecting our first child. So, that’s been cool. Like I’ve been telling her, I’m getting practice on set, granted my kid in the show is like 7. It’s still like, I’m getting a little bit of an understanding working with him all day. It’s been really cool.”

We pointed out to Tre that he has some resemblance to rapper Fat Joe. He said he gets that comment from people a lot and he would play Fat Joe in a movie if the opportunity came about:

“I get that one a lot. Between Fat Joe, Suge Knight and DJ Envy, I guess those are like my three doppelgangers. That’s funny, if they make that movie, I’d gladly lean back on camera to be Fat Joe.”

The actor shared that he visits Las Vegas frequently to get new tattoos:

“One of my top tattoo artists, my guy that does most of my art is out there in Las Vegas at Bad Apple Tattoo, DJ Tambe, look him up. He’s incredible. One of the best artists in the world. Yeah. I’m in Vegas all the time man. I love it out there.”

You can hear more from Tre Hale on his role in the TV show Platonic, stories of Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne and what inspired him to be an actor by watching the CYInterview below:

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