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Actor/Comedian Joe Piscopo: Talks a Potential Future in Politics, His Tenure on Saturday Night Live, Joe Mantegna Roast, More

Recently, you may have seen comedian Joe Piscopo talk about the state of America with Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business Channel. Known for his time on Saturday Night Live, with the likes of Eddie Murphy, he recently considered running as an independent for governor in his home state of New Jersey. Joe says his political views lean libertarian and independent. See our photo with Joe above.

On if he would ever consider a career in politics, the actor and impersonator told us this, “No one’s worried about the taxes in [New] Jersey for example. We don’t even hear that. All they do is raise the taxes, raise the tolls, they do congestion pricing in New York and we’ve had it. So if you go in, it’s gotta be with a heavy heart. If I ever went in, it would be with a heavy heart only because I care so much about my neighbors and my community and my family in New Jersey.”

We spoke with Joe Piscopo recently at the celebrity roast for actor Joe Mantegna [see our chat with Joe here from the roast]. One of the roasters from the evening’s event at the South Point Hotel and Casino, he told us whether it be Joe Mantegna or Neil Cavuto, he will always show up for an Italian.

You can listen to our entire CYInterview below:

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