A Winter’s Hope; a Poem

Cold of winter, sun at dawn, praying for all that keeps us warm. A way to go, still not there. Life is tough. Life’s not fair. A call, a cry to the cosmos far; help me buttress my existence and not stray too far. Guide me in all that is good and true. Please help me to do what I know I should do.

I pray; I do. Is it enough? I don’t know. At times my personal evolution seems too slow. But that is life, a process not an endpoint. We can do what we can, if we can see our way through. We can stick to our goals and be, to ourselves, true. Yet life has distractions to drag us off course. And we need to be the boss of our actions, if we are to keep to our path. If we do not, well, you do the math.

A brisket a basket, my minds broken gasket leaking thoughts. At least they are not concepts store bought. Ha! Ready-made identity to pump up our over weaning egos. Pride which came not simply in summer, before the fall, but lasting into the winter of our days. Striving to “be someone” instead of doing something.

Yes, we need to have fun. But too much fun will have us come undone. Instead, we need pleasure in right measure. A bit of work, a bit of rest, a time to play, a time to jest. Have we forgotten the plot? After all, only we can make our life happen. I mean, in a real sense and metaphysically, isn’t that what’s what?

And here I sit at the beginning of a new year. And I sit hearing what I want to hear. Perhaps, I need to expand my horizons, to open my mind and be born anew. To remind myself that I do not have to go through what I once went through. We call this learning. And it is not too late, I believe, to form a new plan and do what we conceive.

What is the key? Working in harmony with the universe, for the benefit of you and me. Because when we make our actions about us, we have the blessings of providence and that is a must!

Image courtesy of [Suat Eman] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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