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A Winner’s Creed, a Poem

Sadness grows in a heart of woes, yet the soul is born of light. We twist and spin in existential winds and our mind is filled with fright. But through it all, we can stand tall and keep our faith and spirit. Remembering to stay true, to life that has due, our unflagging desire to stay in it.

Tired we may be, on land or at sea, of the tumult and misfortunes that find us. When hit by life’s gusts it is always a must that we stand tall and are not easily swayed. Our peers might run fast, in fear and aghast at the challenges that upend mere existence. In comfort ensconced, they may feel they are swamped and desire to keep the fray at a distance. But this is contrary to our creed, while we understand their need to stay cozy in coddled existence.

And this is the thing, we must fight on to win, with grace in our hearts every day. Remembering it’s human to see the doom and gloom, in the misfortune that at times comes our way. But for us to be heroic is a simple act of staying steady, when pressured and put upon strongly. Thus when we feel mistreated, are beaten and bled, we must remember we’re alive and not dead.

Our resurrection as such, which is life’s first must, is to fight through to the improbable win. Because the secret you see, is to fill our hearts with glee and keep a knowing grin on our faces. This because we know, that aces come slow, from life’s deck filled with Jokers and deuces. And these tough times, oft fleet from our minds, more completely when we energize our souls with possibility. And what can be and is done, is most likely won, from our desire to stay true to our ability.

Thus my friends I will close, with words not bold but quite old, with truth soaked in every noun, adjective and verb. To quit in the face of adversity, is an absurd university, that has failure and dejection as its motto. Now awake at this minute, stop your hiding, drop your comfort and come out from your hibernating, cocoon-like grotto. Understand life’s nature, is not up for conjecture, and that ultimately we get out of it what we put in it.

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