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A Visit with Wynn Las Vegas Sportsbook Head Honcho John Avello

Just a few weeks ago, we had our latest segment with Wynn Las Vegas sportsbook manager, and CYInterview regular, John Avello. That CYInterview focused on all the Las Vegas angles for the recent Mayweather/Maidana fight [see here]. Whether it is football, basketball, boxing or even golf, the veteran oddsmaker always has an interesting perspective on Vegas sports gambling action.

During a trip to Las Vegas earlier this week, we had the pleasure of meeting John at the Wynn sportsbook (see our photo above.) We discussed the week’s college football games and a little history about the Wynn Las Vegas’s top shelf place to watch sporting events. Mr. Avello, who is a New York Giants fan, and an all around great guy, is always generous with his time. He could not have been more accommodating.

We look forward to having him back on CYInterview soon.

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